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Posted by Anders Nord on Monday, September 02, 2019 76 Comments
Pros and Cons of Dating Thai Women | PairedLife

The single biggest mistake men make when looking to meet and date Thai girls is that they look for it in the wrong place. The better way to meet.

Thai women who are ready to date are everywhere — from bars, coffee, shops, malls, parks, tourist attractions, beaches and more! You just need to have the.

However, if those powerful words come out of the mouth of the wrong woman, they can lead to a lot of drama, resentment and shattered dreams. This is no joke. This is the cold hard reality. Always remember: Loving a Thai woman can be the most beautiful thing on eart, but falling in love with the wrong Thai girl can destroy you.

Not all girls in the Land of Smiles are money-hungry hookers who have a skype account full of sponsors. Thanks to my big social circle I actually know more people in Thailand than in Germany and my obsession to find out more about the local dating culture, I met a lot of sexy Thai girls who are definitely girlfriend material.

Some of them were my lovers, some of them have become close friends and one of them is the girl on my side. All of them can be put in one of the following three categories. Just because this is her house doesn't mean that she is a bad person Some of those girls are genuine, have strong family values and are willing to support the man who takes care of them.

Such a girl looks for a man who is financially well off, because she knows that it is absolutely impossible to raise a family with her salary. If you can speak basic Thai and you want to get married to a traditional Thai girl, dating a family-oriented low class girl can be a good choice. Educated Middle Class College Girl In case you are like me and you are not a big fan of supporting your girlfriend financially, the educated middle class college girls are the ones you should focus on.

My girlfriend falls into this category. Finding a Thai woman who falls into this category is not that hard, especially when you are looking for her in Bangkok. They are intelligent enough to distinguish between creepy sex tourists and adventurous and interesting Global Seducers like you and me. Thai ladies combine the best of both worlds. They come from middle class families who raised them with traditional values.

Being together with such a girl is the same as being together with a Western girl. The only difference is that binge drinking and complaining are not her biggest hobbies. Those girls are nothing but drama, drama and drama. They usually spend their time doing yoga and working as designers or models. They can be excellent girlfriends. The third category of high class girls consists of working professionals who grew up poor and climbed the ladder of success.

One of my best friends falls in this category. Dating professional Thai women can be extremely fulfilling. Approach her and she will be all over you. I mean, it would be stupid to date outside the Western hemisphere, just to end up with a manly dragon who disrespects everything and everyone.

I am sure you could have that back home. I found them. The direct comparison is like a slap in the face. The painful realization that you used to date girls who weight twice as much as your new Thai girlfriend will be a huge wake-up call.

Consider this image as your wake-up call You can call me a superficial asshole, but I am just saying what everyone thinks. When I am stressed, she is there for me. When I am hungry, she cooks for me. She is simply amazing. For me she is the epitome of traditional femininity. While many Western girls tend to see their boyfriends as temporary sexual partners they date in a serially monogamous way, your Thai girlfriend sees you as a life partner and as a part of her family.

Do you see the difference when it comes to valuing you? When you meet the right Thai girl you are more than just her boyfriend and she lets you feel this with her behavior, her words and with the way she looks at you. The Respectful Behavior of Thai Women Please raise your hand if you have ever seen a Western girl publicly degrading her boyfriend. She might be thinking "damn, look at that handsome motherfucker!

This is considered normal. But should it be normal? The kids are raised to respect other people and the girls are raised to respect men. Respect is also important in the Thai dating culture. Yes, this simple word that the West has forgotten about still has a meaning in Thailand. He just wants a submissive sex doll and not a woman! I want a woman and not a man.

I am not talking about submissiveness in the sense of a slave. I am talking about submissiveness in the sense of a woman who is happy to be a woman.

Thai Dating | Biggest Thai Dating Site

I am talking about a feminine woman who craves a masculine man who leads her. Lonely and frustrated Western girls forgot this. Traditional Thai girls know this. And I know you want a beautiful girlfriend who loves and respects you. You are ready to approach and seduce the most beautiful and feminine women in this exotic country. But wait a moment. How do you know that the next girl you approach is girlfriend material? Well, you can take this test and have a look at the following signs that show you whether or not you fell in the bar girl or semi pro trap.

White skin is considered beautiful and many high society girls are half Chinese and have a lighter skin tone, while the girls from the poor Isan region or the Southern part of Thailand have a darker skin. This is true.

When I walk hand in hand with my girlfriend we get stared at as if we were aliens. Believe it or not, but some of the most beautiful women in the Land of Smiles believe that they could never get a Western boyfriend or husband. Talk to them and you will see.

This is a universal law. Uneducated women in Thailand use different language patterns than educated women. The tricky thing is that you need to speak basic Thai to hear the difference. While you see many tattooed bar girls with belly tops and shorts that barely cover her butt cheeks, middle and high class girls dress a bit more conservatively.

If my girlfriend would walk around like that, her family would freak out. Good Thai girls might dress to impress, but they never dress to undress. If you, however, fantasize about meeting, attracting and dating incredibly beautiful, feminine and fun Thai girls, you must stick around. Just remember how to greet a Thai woman properly. You don't just shake her hand as you would do with a Western woman. The only way to greet a Thai woman properly is by doing the way.

Yep, that's how it's done You are in paradise. Bangkok has dozens of colleges that are packed with beautiful and intelligent university students who are ready to meet you. Her are a few colleges where you can find hundreds of beautiful women: Chulalonkorn University Bangkok University University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce In case you are not an exchange student and you still want to meet sexy young Thai girls, you can hunt in a meter radius around the college.

If you are younger you can also approach girls on campus, but if you are a bit older you might get into trouble with the security. She might want you to pay for her company. Nevertheless, the Thai dating culture more on that later makes it sometimes a bit difficult to connect in a fast and direct way.

Thai Online Dating: How To Meet ‘Good’ Thai Ladies

The solution to this problem is called… Online Dating in Thailand! I have met dozens of amazing girls online. There are hundreds of dating sites for men all over the world who look for sexy Thai girls, but there is just one that I can truly recommend: Thai Cupid!

There are so many beautiful Thai women who are looking for a date with a Farang. What are you waiting for? Think again. Why should a beautiful, intelligent and financially independent woman settle for a man who has nothing to offer? Those girls have already met enough of those creeps. As a man who wants to attract an amazing Thai lover or girlfriend, you know that you have to stand out from the crowd. In other words, forget about being a tourist and begin to behave like a citizen.

Trade your tank top for a nice shirt.

Pros and Cons of Dating Thai Women | PairedLife

Trade your Bermuda shorts for a pair of jeans. Trade your sandals and white socks for a pair of sneakers. Now you look like a man who belongs in a big capital city like Bangkok.

This is good advice for nearly every part of the world, but it can backfire in the Land of Smiles. The positive side of this is a high level of respect.

The negative side is a mental overload when faced with straightforward behavior. You can approach her with a direct compliment, but you need to give her a bit of time and a lot of space. Did I also mention that they sometimes freeze when they talk to a foreigner? In some way talking to German girls is the same as talking to Thai girls. They are not used to talking to strangers and you are the one who has to initiate and maintain the conversation.

Therefore, a few basic expressions are enough to make her smile. You are ready for your first date with a beautiful Thai girl.

Thai girls fantasy - THE BEST way to meet and date Thai girls

You approached her, she smiled. You texted her, she replied. The first one is the infamous Thai double date. She brings her friend, or her cousin, or her friend and her cousin, or her five friends and six cousins. I once met a guy who told me that he has been on a date with a girl who brought her whole family.

It must have been a wonderful date It must have been a wonderful date She might do it because she is scared to meet you alone, but she might also do it because she, her friends and her family hope to get an all-inclusive menu. Be careful who you end up paying for. What appears to be a normal date is actually window shopping at its finest.

You talk for twenty minutes you talk and she plays with her phone. You go to the mall. As soon as you are in the mall she takes your hand, leads you in one shop after another and looks at you like a cute little puppy whenever she sees something she likes.

This captain save a hoe was dumb enough to believe that giving money to the family of your girlfriend is a part of the Thai culture. The following 8 Thai dating and seduction tips are the cherry of the cake. I once had the pleasure to have sex with a Thai condom that was advertised as a maximum size condom. It took me more than a minute to put it on and I had to remove it after another minute, because I was afraid that my friend would shuffle off this mortal coil.

In Thailand nobody uses WhatsApp. Everyone uses LINE. Thai people absolutely love to eat and they love it even more when they do it with other people. A bowl of noodles can lead to a night of passion A bowl of noodles can lead to a night of passion In most Western countries going to a restaurant on the first date is seen as trying too hard. In Thailand it is seen as two people who share a meal. The money test is the easiest way to find out if a girl went on a date with you or with your wallet.

You simply tell her upfront that you want her to pay for her stuff because you only want to spend time with girls who are into you. Even so, this is not always the case, particularly if you are in a group of friends. Thai ladies are willing to work to get the man they want. It takes the pressure a little of the interaction and is more fun.

Thai nightspots are not the best place to look for a girlfriend or a serious relationship if you are new in Thailand. Another and good option is internet dating. They feel more safe and bold online. You can chat and talk to thai women before coming to Thailand and get to know them and their lives before you arrive. Many guys have met their girlfriends or wives this way and it usually works out better than meeting women in bars.

If you are looking for a serious relationship or marriage you are best of with a site like MyAsianMailOrderBride which has many members and is the place to meet girls interested in long term relationships. If you are just looking to make friends and have a bit of fun, you can try some of the other sites such as ThailandFriends which is more of a community.

There seems to be a new dating site popping up everyday, but those to are the most popular. They usually get hit on a lot, particularly in expat and tourist areas, so watch out for those that take long to reply if you sms or call them. They may be seeing several other guys at the same time. Women all around the world react to the same factors in men and Thai girls are no different. A great profile should spotlight your good traits and play down your bad ones.

What you want to show in your profile is that you are: Funny: Women lke to laugh and have someone to share good times with This is a big one for Thai girls! Funny guys do really well with Thai women.

10 Survival Tips For Your First Date With a Thai Woman

Adventurous: Women want a man that will take them on adventures and show them the world. Confident: Women want a man that is assertive and independent. Thai women are very feminine and passive and wants a man that can take actionDirection: Thais are status oriented and think career is important. You want to show that you can help her and yourself and that you are going places in your life. If you are closer to retiring age, then she wants to know that you will be able to retire comfortably.

Be positive that you get your great qualities trough with your description.

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