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Find a user on okcupid

Posted by Anders Nord on Saturday, November 02, 2019 97 Comments
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I'm back with another super useful tutorial on how to find someone's okcupid profile! Since my post on how to find someone on Tinder was such.

Know exactly who you're looking for on OkCupid? Here's how to search for her username, plus a fool-proof message to send her that will lead to a date.

Unless you search for a very small subset of the site more to come on this later , you're only going to see people with certain markers in common. Nugget 2: The Words You Use in Your Profile Affect Search Results Several iterations ago, you could highlight certain words in your profile using double brackets around important concepts, like this: [[I love music]]. Folks who clicked on these highlighted words would then see a list of folks who had the same things highlighted.

You can still use these brackets again, we'll talk about this more later , however most folks just write whatever comes to them when they sign up, and then leave it at that. Why does this matter?

The words that you use—all of them—are now searchable in some form. OkCupid does something similar with their Message Boost feature just look at your picture on the right side of the page when reviewing messages for a link , however you can do something similar for free by just updating your profile in some small yet significant way on a regular basis.

Ignore your profile and just focus on trying to contact people or answer emails, and you'll quickly drop down in the search results. If you read step two of this how-to, you'll know that what you write in your profile directly affects what people can search about to find you. This is why your focus is incredibly important when using online dating sites, but OkCupid especially.

How To Search By Username On OkCupid

Let's experiment a bit. If you've got an OkCupid profile right now, or even if you're just setting one up, go and do a basic search.

Take a look at the three top matches, and their profiles. Ignore their pictures for now, just read what they've written.

OkCupid Ditches Usernames and Sparks A User Revolt | Digital Trends

They will have similarly-worded profiles to yours. Take note of these similarities, and look at a few more profiles if need be to see a pattern—because there will be one. Maybe they all have tattoos, or love live music.

Perhaps they're all older than you, or of a certain race. No need to write anything down, just take note. It should be quite obvious to you very quickly that there's a pattern here, which is great! The thing is, is it a pattern you're happy with? Likely not, or else you wouldn't be here. So what's the first step in changing this?

Find Someone Who Shares Your Interests by Searching OkCupid by Keyword

Figuring out what you want. Let's start with some rules: you can only have things, they must be crucial for you, and they have to be somehow quantifiable. These things can easily change, so just use whatever comes to mind first. Why should it be any different online? For example, the app has discontinued things people liked, such as the ability to see visitors, as it increased its focus on Tinder-esque features like the prominence given to user photos.

To make matters worse, OKCupid locked some people out of the app until they complied with the new policy, rather than offering a grace period.

How To Find Someone's OkCupid Profile - Aste

The only way to have this option at the time. As with many dating app upgrades, their increased privacy methods have made it harder to find someone. OkCupid is a free dating site at its best and a great way to meet people in your area.

OKCupid’s rating sinks as users rebel over new ‘real name’ policy – TechCrunch

Other times, you might need to scour the search result to find someone. The OkCupid app is popularly abbreviated as OKC and has also evolved to become a favorite app for online dating.

Then, paste that into the URL you are accessing: okcupid. Start with a simple search when signing up, which lists their age, gender for which OkCupid has many choices , location, and how recently the user logged into the site.

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